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Surface Disinfectant Chemicals Market: Quarternary Ammonium Compounds to Remain Dominant Type Throughout the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis 2012-2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027

Usage of surface disinfectants are inevitable in the cleaning process of today’s world. Manufacturing of various pharmaceuticals entails absolute cleanliness and disinfection of various surfaces. Thus surface disinfectant chemicals which are cleaning agents are being increasingly used for the purpose.

Surface disinfectant chemicals block the growth of any kind of microorganisms that are likely to contaminate the entire system and improve overall efficiency and productivity of the process of manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies across various geographical locations are expected to bolster the growth of the market.

The global surface disinfectant chemicals market is forecasted to reach more than US$4 bn by the end of the year of assessment, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.4% within the forecast period from 2017 to 2027. Several factors are credited to the industry growth rate which is considered fair, and the answers to the following questions can help determine the future of the surface disinfectant chemicals market.

Which Segments will Prove to be Profitable for this Industry?

Like any other industry, some segments of the industry will drive its growth while some will not. Product diversification, like any other industry, lies at the core of the growth of this market. The segment of quaternary ammonium compounds is forecasted to lead the industry of surface disinfectant chemicals.

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Quaternary ammonium compounds are also known as salts of quaternary ammonium cations and they are used for various purposes like for disinfecting, as antistatic agents, as fabric softeners, and as surfactants. Quaternary ammonium compounds can be added to a cleaning product or can be used alone. These days, many of the manufacturers add it to various products like hand soaps, baby-care products, all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquid, disinfectant sprays, and so on. Given its usage in a multitude of products, the chemical is anticipated to the drive the market growth for this industry. This segment, however, has been witnessing a rising curve for the last few years.

The segment of Halogen in the surface disinfectant chemicals industry is forecasted to increase in terms of volume in the next few years to come. It is forecasted to be the second largest segment of the industry in terms of revenue registering a CAGR of 4.0% throughout the assessment period of 2017-2027.

How Prospective are the Developing Regions for this Industry?

The surface disinfectant chemicals market is estimated to witness significant growth in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific excluding Japan. The growth is credited to the increasing demand for surface disinfectant chemicals in these regions especially by the laboratories, hospital premises, and the like. Widespread availability of quaternary ammonium compound across the region also contributes towards its dominance in the region. With the increasing concern for cleanliness especially in the Asia pacific excluding Japan, the demand for these products have increased manifolds.

Quaternary ammonium compound segment is again expected to lead the industry in this regional segment as well, both in terms of volume and value. The segment of halogens is, however, expected to exhibit high growth in North America. In Western Europe, halogen segment would lead in volume and quaternary ammonium compound in terms of value.

Source: Future Market Insights